Trade School Reps

Join the newest way to recruit students!

Use our virtual trade school fairs to recruit more efficiently, effectively and affordably. With our fairs you can connect to local prospective students who are just starting their search for a trade, vocational or career school by answering their questions online during each fair.  Use your virtual booth to disseminate all the information you want about your school. All our schools receive the contact information for the prospective students that participate. As well as the contact information for the prospective students who request more information about your particular school!

At you can reach prospective students from your area; don’t miss out on this incredible recruiting event. Join the other trade schools in your area to highlight your programs. It’s a highly efficient and effective way to make connections and influence prospective students’ decisions about where they should attend. is a College Fairs Online company. College Fairs Online has been doing virtual college fairs for many years and prides itself on great virtual recruiting events and great customer service. 

How do the fairs work?

The prospective students log in to the main page that has a list of all the participating schools during the week of the virtual fair. The prospective students can click on each institutions logo to go into their virtual booth and get information about that school. In each virtual booth there will be information about the school with pictures and/or videos, an information request form for targeted leads and a question and answer section that can be done live or daily. The virtual fairs are open for 6 full days each.

Each participant can leave a question for you, the school rep, that can be answered at any time. When you answer the prospective students questions that student will automatically be sent an email with the answer and the opportunity to respond. You will get a transcript at the end of the virtual fair with all the correspondence from the fair!

Who can participate?

Any trade school, career college, vocational school or specialty school is welcome to register.  Our webmaster will build your virtual booth page for you based on what your institution would like included. We invite prospective students from your area as well as around the state. The fair is always free to prospective students.

    Cost Per Fair
  $400.00 per fair